Auto Detailing 101: Clear Bra

There is nothing worse than driving around in a car that is in bad shape. While it is true that all car owners encounter scratches, dings, and dents now and then, it is advisable to keep your car protected by investing on a durable clear bra. A clear bra in Denver, CO is the best way to prevent scuffing, abrasions and damages which can give your car a generally worn down appearance . It also protects it from rust, which if allowed to set in, can turn your small repair or paint job into something major.

Over the years, the clear bra in Denver, CO has become fairly popular. When it is installed, drivers and passengers alike do not notice the presence of it, which is its appeal. It does an amazing job of protecting the car paint and keeping your car look flawless. Your car is a major investment, and it naturally goes that one should protect it the best way possible.

The ideal time to use the clear bra is during winter, what with the snow, slush, hail, sleet and ice in abundance. Combine these natural elements with dirt, bugs, acids or sand during your travel and you will personally feel the abuse to your car. Since Colorado is known to have some pretty bad snow storms, it will definitely work to your car’s advantage with a clear bra installed.

This film of protection can end up lasting you a few years, depending on how much your car goes through. Some suppliers have warranties available for the bra that commonly last for the first two years. However, most auto bras can last three to five years, depending on the weather and how excessively the vehicle is used.

The auto bra is a great accessory for your vehicle. If you truly love your car, it is wise to invest in this affordable protective option. It not only protects, it preserves that showroom quality, plus, it is a great way for you to save some money from any costly repairs that you would have incurred without it installed. It is maintenance free, it is durable, it is fade and stain resistant, and it can be removed safely too. You can come home confident that your car did not suffer chips or cracks in the course of your travel.

Last but not the least, it adds value to your car in the long run.

Our team at The Man Cave offers 3M and XPEL self-healing clear bra in Denver, CO. We do one piece clear bras for hoods, fenders, bumpers, door handles and door edges. Our shop is one of the few that can polish your paint before applying the clear bra onto your vehicle. Most tint/clear bra shops in town do not polish paint to absolute perfection. We do! So if you are in need of a reliable auto shop that can do the job for you, call us at 303-593-0305.

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