Ferrari F40 Full Paint Correction & 22PLE Mistico Elemento | Man Cave Detail

Ferrari F40 | The Ultimate Supercar

We get to work on some amazing machines here at The Man Cave, but nothing can really compare to the Ferrari F40. There is just something about this 1.5 million dollar combination of carbon fiber and metal that just makes you smile. You feel like you are in the presence of to just be around one.

After completing multiple detail projects for a client of ours, we had the opportunity to work on his stunning F40. We arrived at his place at about 10:00am and all that can be remembered was that the garage door was open and there was the nose of one of the most amazing automobiles ever created.

Paint Correction on the F40

When approaching any detailing project it is key to examine the car and build a plan on how to execute the project. When you look at the paint of an F40 you really realize how little paint is on the car, because you can see the carbon fiber weave right through the paint. The clients primary concern was to remove water spots from the car. After gauging the depth of the paint, it was time to get started.

We decided to complete a 3-stage polish to the vehicle to achieve the correction. The process is a 4 step process that include an aggressive cutting compound, a medium polish, a fine polish, and a hand wax using only the best carnauba waxes. After completing each step it is needed to re-gauge the paint and look over your work to make sure it is coming out as planned.

After completion of the polishing we could tell we achieved exactly what we were looking for. No more fine scratching, no more water spots, just 1 stunning Ferrari F40.


22PLE Mistico Elemento Glass Coating

Once the car was polished back to perfection, we knew that we had to use 22PLE Mistico Elemento, a glass coating which will leave the car looking dripping wet and protect the car. 22PLE Mistico Elemento is applied using a 1″x1″ sponge and coated over the entire car to protect it and give the best possible look. It is by no means a fast process, but it really does look unbelievable when it is completed.

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