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Keep your car protected and looking pristine by investing in ceramic coatings.

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Your car is more than just a means of transportation. It’s a valuable possession you want to protect and maintain. While regular car maintenance will help keep it in good condition, you can take additional steps to preserve its value. One of these steps is to invest in ceramic coatings. Not only do ceramic coatings enhance and preserve your car’s appearance, but they also provide an extra layer of protection.

Man Cave Colorado is here to provide you with quality ceramic coating services. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we’re the best team to trust for ceramic coating installation. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality give you the assurance that we provide flawless ceramic coating installation. Whether you want to preserve your car’s paint job or enhance its appearance, we have you covered.

Our Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic coatings provide ample protection and shine for your ride. At Man Cave Colorado, we’re experts at chemical polymer solution application.

As an authorized XPEL FUSION PLUS™ product installer, we utilize only the finest ceramic coatings in the industry. Our ceramics coating services cover the following:

1. Glass Coating

We utilize FUSION PLUS™ GLASS to keep glass windows, sunroofs, and moonroofs clear and simplify their cleaning process. In addition, this coating shields your windows against damaging factors, such as UV rays, oxidation, insect acid, and corrosion.

2. Upholstery Ceramic Coating

To protect your vehicle’s upholstery and other interiors against potential stains, we use FUSION PLUS ™ UPHOLSTERY. This coating is perfect for fabric seats, carpets, leather, and vinyl surfaces.

3. Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating

Since wheels and calipers are subject to wear and tear, applying ceramic coatings can preserve their original appearance. At Man Cave Colorado, we use FUSION PLUS™ WHEEL & CALIPER, which offers protection against deterioration and heat damage.

Here are the prices of our ceramic coating services:

Full Vehicle Coating Wheel Coating Windshield Coating Interior/Convertible Top Coating
Starts at $845 for New Vehicles; $1070 for Dark/Black Vehicles Starts at $25; $50 Entire Wheel Plus Calipers $100 With a 1-Year Warranty; $200 for All Windows $300 With a 2-Year Warranty

Why Invest in Ceramic Coating Installation

Ceramic coating installation has become an increasingly popular method to preserve a car from damage and keep it looking new. Here’s why you should invest in ceramic coating installation:

1. To Protect Your Car From UV Rays

Ceramic coatings can help protect your car’s paint from fading or oxidizing due to exposure to UV rays from the sun.

2. To Protect Your Car From Environmental Contaminants

Ceramic coatings provide a protective layer that can help repel environmental contaminants, such as tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, and grime.

3. To Protect Your Car From Water Spots

Ceramic coatings contain hydrophobic properties, which create a barrier between your car’s paint and water and prevent unsightly water spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FUSION PLUS™ GLASS coating keeps your glass windows, sunroofs, and moonroofs clear. It protects them from damaging factors such as UV rays, oxidation, and insect acid.

While we handle a variety of brands, we have particular expertise in high-end makes and models such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. 

The duration depends on the vehicle’s size and the specific service chosen. However, our team prioritizes thoroughness and quality in every application. 

The longevity of ceramic coatings varies based on product quality and environmental factors. We recommend regular check-ins with us to assess and ensure optimal protection. 

While ceramic coatings provide a strong protective layer against minor scratches, they don’t make the vehicle entirely scratch or dent-proof. It enhances protection but isn’t invulnerable. For more info, you might want to check our blog about ceramic coating here

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