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Elevate your safety and your car's appeal by getting your windows tinted.

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Window tinting is a popular customization option among vehicle owners. It involves applying a thin film to the windows to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters the interior. While some may consider window tinting as an aesthetic upgrade, it offers more than just a sleek and stylish look. Professionally installed window tint provides many benefits that can improve your safety and driving experience.

At Man Cave Colorado, we offer quality window tinting services. With more than a decade of experience in the auto detailing industry, we guarantee dedication to using only the best materials and techniques. When you invest in our window tinting services, you won’t have to worry about unsightly fading, peeling, or cracking. Take your car’s appeal to the next level by calling us today!

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Our Window Tinting Services

Man Cave Detail provides reliable window tinting solutions using the industry’s leading XPEL PRIME™ products. XPEL PRIME™ exceeds other types of films in providing you and your vehicle with comfort and protection. These products are of exceptional quality and are backed with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Our professional window tint installers use the following products for our window tinting services:


By integrating an infrared rejection coating, the PRIME X-Series provides a high level of protection that blocks as much as 98% of infrared heat. While some dark tints make it difficult to see, the PRIME X-Series delivers superior performance without sacrificing visibility.


PRIME AP was customized to meet the market demands through a distinctive blend of metal particles and dyes. It comes with a lifetime transferable warranty and is offered in 15%, 30%, and 70% Visible Light Transmittance. When it comes to safety and color stability, PRIME AP won’t let you down!


PRIME GL is the best entry-level window tint option for all vehicles. It offers significant protection against UV rays and heat protection to maintain your comfort and prevent damage to your car’s interior. Additionally, its neutral black finish enhances the appearance of any car.

Other Tinting Services

Since sunroofs and moonroofs have grown increasingly larger, you need to ensure that yours are correctly tinted. Without proper tinting, you’ll get exposed to harmful UV rays that can lead to health issues, such as skin cancer. UV rays can also cause damage to your car’s interior, such as sun-damaged seats and fading paint. At Man Cave Colorado, we offer sunroof and moonroof tinting services for all types of stationary and sliding sunroofs and glass car roofs.

Here are the prices of our window tinting services:

Two Roll-Up Windows Tinting Full Vehicle Tinting (Without Windshield Full Windshield Tinting (Clear or Lightly Tinted for Visibility) Windshield Banner Tinting Residential and Commercial Window Tinting
$200 $500 $300 $75 Starts at $10 Per sq. foot ($500 Minimum)

Why Invest in Window Tinting Services

Window tinting is a customization option that can improve how your car looks and your overall driving experience. Here’s why you should get your windows tinted:

1. To Block Harmful UV Rays from the Sun

Tinted windows can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. Window tints can help protect a car’s interior from fading and cracking. They can also reduce the risk of skin damage for passengers and drivers who are in cars for extended periods.

2. To Improve Comfort While Driving

Tinted windows make driving more comfortable by reducing the amount of heat that enters your vehicle. They make the interior of your car stay cooler and reduce the amount of glare from the sun.

3. To Add Protection and Security

Tinted windows provide added privacy for passengers and belongings inside a car, making them a lesser target for thieves. Also, windows are harder to break when they are tinted.

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