We Offer Clear Bra in Denver, CO and Other Detailing Services

Detailed Wash & Wax

Detailed wash, wheel wells, wheels, 365 day paint sealant. Don’t let the dealer or local car wash touch your vehicle! Chances are they are using a cheap microfiber towel that has been used on hundreds of cars which is scratching your vehicle! Over time, you will start to notice. Man Cave uses the softest towels known to man! – Starts at $162.50

Engine Detail

We can steam clean, degrease, and power wash your engine to make it look new again! This is the best thing you can do on a vehicle for sale to show you have taken care of it. – Starts at $99

Maintenance Detail

Wash and Wax plus clean up interior and vacuum on monthly or quarterly basis. (Must already be a Man Cave client) – Starts at $249

Full Interior

Includes shampooing carpets with extractor, deep cleaning of all doors, dash, center console. Blowing out between and under seats. Cleaning all nooks and crannies! – Starts at $249

Full Detail

Full Interior, Wash & Wax, plus protection package for Mag Chloride and Salt – Starts at $299

Premium Detail

Full Interior, Detailed Wash, Polish paint, 365 day paint sealant – Starts at $399

Car Show Detail

Full Detail + 3 stage paint correction to restore paint to mirror like finish – Starts at $599

Ceramic Coating

Must polish paint to perfection first, then apply Ceramic Coating to make paint look wet all the time while protecting for up to 5 years. Makes vehicle easier to wash and will stay cleaner longer. – Starts at $800 for brand new vehicles.

Add-on Services

SUV/Truck, Pethair, kid cars, ect.

Even if you have the dreaded Minivan with Dog hair and excessive kid mess, we can make it look like new again. – Starts at $100

Black or dark color cars

Man Cave is known as the “Black car specialist” because we are one of the best in the country at making dark colored cars perfect! Have you taken a vehicle elsewhere and ended up with swirls or holograms? We can get those out completely. Starts at $200

Road paint / Overspray

Many detail shops will tell you they can’t get road paint off your vehicle but we can! We are wet sanding experts and have not found a vehicle we couldn’t fix! – Starts at $200

Throw up, Urine, Smoke, ect.

You are probably thinking a high end shop won’t touch vehicles in this condition but we do! We know you don’t want to deal with it so we will. Starts at $100

Paintless dent repair

Got that dent that drives you nuts? We can make it disappear completely whether it’s your daily driver or exotic super car!
Hail Damage – Insurance companies may recommend you go to their preferred location, which is a big mistake. You can get your vehicle fixed by the best at no additional charge! We can take care of any and all supplements where the insurance adjuster missed. Some body shops and hail shops will get your car 95% but they will leave little marks where you can see in the right light. We can fix all of your dents to absolute perfection! You simply will not be able to see ANY of the work performed out of a Man Cave shop!

Headlight restoration

Sand down headlights from 800 grit to 3000 followed by a 3 stage polish and coated to protect for up to 5 years – Starts at $99 per headlight with detail.

Leather / Vinyl repair

Do you have an area that is cracked or worn? We might be able to fix that spot like it never happened. – Starts at $200

Wheel repair / Powder coating

Want to fix your curbed or bent wheels? We can fix your wheels or have them powder coated any color you can imagine! – Starting at $200 a wheel

Paint touchup

You might have just one paint chip or full bumper of road rash. We use Dr. Colorchip to make those chips match the color of your vehicle without making your vehicle look like a freckled or blobbed on mess. Man Cave uses very fine paint brushes for touch up and can wetsand and polish the touch up to blend it in. – Starting at $100

Window Tint

Man Cave offers in house window tinting for vehicles, home, or commercial. We have the experience to know what film will match existing tint and will not turn purple, bubble, or crack the glass. We also can meticulously clean the windows and edges to make sure dirt / hair does not end up trapped in the film! Man Cave offers a lifetime warranty on our work. We also offer mobile service as well.

Clear Bra

Man Cave offers 3M and XPEL self healing clear bra. We can do one piece clear bras for hoods, bumpers, fenders, door handles, door edges, etc. We are one of the few shops in town that polish your paint before applying the clear bra to your vehicle. Most Tint / Clear bra shops in town do not know how to polish paint to perfection.

Vehicle Wraps

Are you looking to wrap your vehicle for protection or maybe you would like to change the look of your car? Man Cave Colorado has in-house installers. Don’t fall for cheap installs that start to peel up or the seams look like they were cut by hand. Full vehicle wraps start at $2500.