Why You Should Consider Getting Window Tinting at Our Westminster Detail Shop

You may be interested in window tinting to protect yourself and your car’s interior from the sun, have more privacy, or maybe you love how it looks. Whatever the reason, getting window tinting professionally installed is the best way to go. We’ll explain more about how window tinting works and its many benefits. If you’re interested in getting window tinting for your vehicle, contact The Man Cave in Westminster, CO, for superior window tinting installation.

What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting involves applying a thin laminate on the inside of a vehicle’s glass to darken it. Window tinting comes in a variety of shades, but how dark you can go legally depends on where you live. In Colorado, windshields can only have tinting on the top four inches of the glass. The side and rear windows need to allow at least 27 percent of outside light through. Tinting can be done DIY-style, but expect to spend a lot of time and energy on the process, as well as a steady hand. A professional shop will also be aware of how dark you can legally tint your windows.

What Are the Benefits of Window Tinting?

Window tinting has more benefits than just increasing your privacy or making your car look cooler. In addition to providing protection from damaging UV rays and increasing visual clarity by minimizing glare, contemporary window tinting helps lower the temperature inside your car. Our window tinting products never result in connectivity issues because they don’t interfere with radio, cellphone, or Bluetooth signals.

Window Tinting in Westminster

Window tinting is not just about looks. While it can enhance the appearance of a vehicle, a professionally installed automotive window tint has many other benefits, ranging from UV protection to improved visibility on the road. At Man Cave Detail, we install XPEL PRIME™ window tint products, which are among the finest on the market. Our expert Westminster window tint installers are ready to help you upgrade your ride, no matter what you drive. Give our nearby window tint shop a call at 303-593-0305 to get started.

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